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Sir Henry Sharington

Owner 1553-1581

Born : 1504

Died : 1581


He inherited Lacock on the death of his brother, Sir William Sharington, who had died childless.

Married Anne Paget, daughter of his brother’s third wife Grace and a previous husband, Robert Paget. They had four children :

  • Ursula died in 1576
  • Grace married Sir Anthony Mildmay
  • Olive married John Talbot
  • William who died an infant

He was MP for Ludgershall in 1559 during Elizabeth I's first parliament.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing which happened to him, was that he was knighted by Elizabeth I at Lacock Abbey in August 1574. It has been the subject of debate, whether she actually stayed at the Abbey, or merely paused there while on her progress through the West Country that summer. 1

He had a reputation as argumentative and litigious and was known for having strong opinions on how women and children should behave.

It seems that his daughters Grace and Olive inherited his nature, as they fought over their father's inheritance for many years following his death in 1581. There was a fierce and ultimately unsuccessful challenge of the deathbed will which gave everything to Olive.

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