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Sharington Talbot

Owner 1646 - 1677

born 1599

died 1677


Grandson of Olive Talbot and son of Sharington Talbot. His father died before his grandmother and so he directly inherited the Lacock estate. He married Jane Lyttleton on 13th October 1627 and they had seven children :

  • Sharington
  • John
  • Edward
  • Charles
  • Mariella
  • Mary
  • Anne

The family had always been Royalist and Sharington Talbot was involved in the King's Army during the Civil War, holding the rank of Colonel. Following the capture of Bristol in September 1645, Cromwell's Parliamentary New Model Army marched on Devizes. After the fall of Devizes Castle on September 23rd 1645, Colonel Pickering's regiment marched to join local forces before Lacock House, which surrendered without fuss on 24 September 1645 and Colonel Sharington Talbot was taken prisoner.

In 1647 he was fined £1,000 by Parliament, but was sentenced to prison for non-payment of the fine the following year. However his finances seem to have got considerably worse, as by 1649 the original fine was set aside, 'him having paid £165 in Co. Wilts, being very much in debt' 1

He finally passed away in 1677, having reached the age of seventy-eight.

  1. ‘Lacock Owners’, Meg Holbrook, Elizabeth Gibb & Others, Devizes & District U3A Lacock Research Group

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Thought to be Sharington II Talbot
Artist unknown, date C1627