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Residents of Lacock Abbey from 1232

Site Aims

This site has developed over several years to cover the various owners and residents of Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire, England. It still has a fair bit of work to be done, as our understanding of the history of the various owners continues to develop. We will not be covering the buildings and contents of the Abbey, which along with the vast majority of the village, is in the care of the National Trust. They have a perfectly good website at www.nationaltrust.org.uk which covers both Lacock Village and the Abbey. Oh yes, we definitely won't be covering any of the excellent events the Trust organises for children

No, our interest will be in those who have lived there, over the course of the best part of eight hundred years. Although there is a lot known about one, or two of the more famous residents, such as Henry Fox Talbot, there are a lot of blank spaces in the timelines of some of the others. That is what we will be going after

Do contact us if you have any information about the residents, which you might think that we would be interested in, or if you think that anything on the site is incorrect. After all, history is all about opinions


Ela, 3rd Countess of Salisbury 1232-1261

Interregnum 1261-1539

Sir William Sharington 1540-1553

Sir Henry Sharington 1553-1581

Olive Sharington 1581-1646

Sharington Talbot 1646-1677

Sir John Talbot 1677-1714

John Ivory Talbot 1714-1772

John Talbot 1772-1778

Martha Davenport 1778-1790

William Davenport Talbot 1790-1801

William Henry Fox Talbot 1801-1877

Charles Henry Talbot 1877-1916

Matilda Theresa Talbot 1916-1944

The National Trust 1944- Now